How it al started.

In 2012, we launched the Mash Machine and started hiring out interactive brand activation concepts at events. Over time, we have grown into a creative incubator for interactive, multi-sensory stimulating concepts.

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Always on the lookout

"Engaging audience with a once in a lifetime experience."

With a keen eye, we focus on the market, always ahead of the flow of the latest innovations and developments. To make events unforgettable, we are constantly on the hunt for fresh, inspiring concepts. And that never stops! 

In doing so, we are also at the helm of concept development ourselves, embracing technological speed. We love the challenge of surprising everyone with concepts that raise the question, "How is this possible?" Be ready to be amazed, because we are determined to innovate, surprise and inspire!

"Our team of passionate experts matches unique interactive products that provide unforgettable experiences."