Interactive concepts at events.

Interactive concepts at events.

For events, activations, product launches & trade shows.

Every concept creates a smile or a wow moment.

10+ years of experience where we guarantee 100% success with certainty.

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Interactive concept

In 2012, we launched the Mash Machine from Interactive Concept and started hiring out interactive brand activation concepts at events. Over time, we have grown into a creative breeding ground for interactive, multi-sensory stimulating concepts.

Every concept we offer makes users put a smile on their face and pause for a moment in the moment. 

Step into the shoes of a DJ, be amazed with the 3D animations in hologram form, connect with augmented reality, create projections in the sky and/or make memories for life


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3D animations in hologram form

Step into the shoes of a DJ

Connect with augmented reality

Make memories for life

Project into the sky by
by means of water vapour

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Why Interactive Concept

As a proud market leader with more than 750 events per year, we guarantee our customers' satisfaction. Whether you are looking for a (product) activation, a spectacular staff party or a professional exhibition stand, we are here for you.

Our diverse clients have one common goal: to create an unforgettable experience for their guests. And that is exactly what we focus on!

What are you waiting for? Discover the concept that will take your event to the next level!

Your partner in events and brand activation

Our concepts provide brand activation, entertainment and experience.

Every concept makes you smile

We create impact from the power of your brand or product through our interactive concepts.

We continue to develop and innovate.

Sister companies On The Rocks and B11 Event Group for content design and event production, all under one roof.

Requesting customisation? Love it, let us know!


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